Greatings From A Fishmonger

Posted On - February 05, 2015

Welcome to the Eat Local Fish Blog, this space is where we talk about pressing issues in the seafood industry, explore local fisheries, brag about what is on the ends of our lines and anything else that helps support the local fisherman, clam diggers, fish farmers, lobstermen and oyster farmers of the United States.
Sadly what we have created over the last few decades is a culture that is dominated by imports. Americans import 90% of our seafood while we export another 30% of our domestic catch. Long gone are the days of neighborhood fishmongers selling local catch to the masses. Our industry is in danger of collapsing to these foreign pressures from imports. Supermarkets dominate our retail seafood markets but most lack passion for supporting local fisherman. We see this as an opportunity to help spread the gospel of supporting local, we see our seafood future as bright. It is our responsibility as fishmongers to let the community know what is coming out of our waters, when and at what price. We will try our best to help you understand the pressures of the industry and work with you the public to create this great future of ours.