Dayboat Scallops and Flexibility

The Scallop trade is a shady business in the US. Most of the US product is caught fresh then soaked in Tri-poly(preservative) to "preserve" freshness, so that you can buy your "fresh" Scallops in a supermarket a few weeks later. We will leave out the part about how this process works cause it's breakfast time. New Jersey is one of the largest unloaders of scallops in the country, our fleet does a great job and we need to support them. We want to encourage people to eat fresh, eat local, eat what's coming out of the water.

Chefs these days are so focused on size they will often overlook quality to keep that item on the menu. The scallop fleet needs chefs that can be flexible, listen we all like big U-10 scallops(under 10 pieces per pound) but the areas NJ fisherman are working that is just not what is coming out of the ocean. We are taking out stunning quality 10-20 and 20-30 scallops that are so fresh they are still moving. Demand for these sizes is low, we need everybody to loosen up a little bit and eat what the ocean gives you. I guess the point we are trying to make is it's not the size of your scallop that matters, it's how you eat it. Eat what the ocean gives you.