Dayboats in Point Pleasant are landing with some of our local favorites! Porgies, Scallops, Black Bass, and our Fluke fishermen are back in action too! Local Oysters are back, call to ask about our oyster availability. Cape May Salts, Elder Points, and Sweetgrass Malpeques are a few highlights! 

What's Biting For the Week:

Swordfish and Local Yellowfin Tuna

Dayboat U10 and 10/20 Scallops from Point Pleasant

Dayboat Monkfish from Point Pleasant

American Red Snapper caught rod and reel, Destin, FL

Shore Shark from Point Pleasant

Black Sea Bass from Point Pleasant

...and locally hand dug clams, over 8 types of oysters, and more sustainable fish!

Poke and Ceviche Bowl Menu, order by the pound too:

Bigeye Tuna with Kula Farm greens, bell pepper, and scallion

Scallop Ceviche with cilantro, lime, and cucumber

Salmon with pickled shallots, mint, and honeydew

Fluke with ginger, jalapeño, and shredded nori

Call our shop: 732.455.3951....add sushi rice or Kula Farm greens too!